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Large Modular Catering Box, 400L x 300W x 60H mm

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Recyclable large modular platter trays in Berica Packaging's environmentally-friendly range, provides an alternative to plastic platters or reusable trays. Perfect for amazing catering displays. This range is made up of five components which can be ordered up separately.

Product Details:
  • Ideal platters for grazing, anti pesto, cheese boards, sharing platters and anything catering!
  • Flat packed - minimum storage required when not in use
  • Easy to assemble as this platter trays uses double sided fold
  • Cost-effective replacement to reusable trays
  • No washup required (saves labour)
  • Better customer experience as trays do not have to be returned
  • Stackable once assembled for quick ease of use & transportability
  • Made with Strong E-Fluted Board
  • Recyclable - enhances your sustainable story
FTL3040 Grease Resistant Liner for Large Designer Flare Platter Trays, 400L x 300W mm, Natural Kraft In Stock 500
NK-PC300 Large Modular Outer Box fits NK-PT301 - Natural Kraft, 50/ctn In Stock 50
NK-PT301 Large Modular Catering Tray 400 x 300 x 60Hmm Natural Kraft, 50/ctn In Stock 50
NK-PT312 Small Modular Catering Tray Or Large 1/2 Divider/Plat. for NK-PT301 - Natural Kraft, 100/ctn In Stock 100
NK-PT314 Large Modular 1/4 Platter Divider/Platform - Fits NK-PT301 - Natural Kraft, 100/ctn In Stock 100

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