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Trees That Count

Why plant a native tree? Because they’re good for the environment, wildlife and you!  In this article we will explore the environmental benefits of planting trees. It’s an easy way to improve our environment and help prevent further climate change and as we are all about sustainability we felt that there was a strong synergy between us and Trees That Count within New Zealand. Let us all do our part.

Why are trees are good for us?


More than 4,000 New Zealand native plants and animals are threatened or at risk of extinction and in need of our protection. By supporting native tree planting, we’re creating more habitats for our threatened wildlife and helping build ecosystems that are more resilient to threats and diseases.

Let’s breathe easier together

Native trees improve the quality of our air by removing pollutants from the air. Plants are often seen as the “lungs” of an ecosystem because they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Research also shows that Kiwi kids who spend more time surrounded by nature are less likely to develop asthma. Pretty awesome right?

New Zealand’s Economy

Native trees are great for the environment, that’s a given, but they also help our economy. Our beautiful landscapes and forest are part of our clean, green image and key to why our products and produce are so highly valued around the world. In our communities, more native tree planting also means more jobs and keeps local nurseries busy and thriving.

Let’s start looking after our rare species

80% of our trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic. Our unique native trees such as the kowhai, pohutukawa, kauri and ti kouka are something we’re all proud of and embedded in our identity as New Zealanders. By helping plant more of our iconic native species, we’re protecting our unique flora and fauna for the future.

Improving community health and wellbeing

As little as 10 minutes a day in a natural setting can help people feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress. By supporting native tree planting in New Zealand this creates more accessible green spaces for people to unwind, promoting health and wellbeing.

Being a friend to our native birds

Native tree planting is creating habitats for native birds and providing fruit, seeds and nectar that are valuable sources of food. Did you know that there are 32 species of birds living in our native forests, including the famous ruru, fantail, cheeky kea and many more.

Kaitiaki for Future Generations

Native trees can live for thousands of years. Unlike pine, they don’t need to be clear-felled and replanted – they keep thriving. Supporting native tree planting today will leave a legacy for future generations that you can be proud of. As well as helping create a healthier environment, you’ll be growing natural playgrounds for the tamariki of tomorrow and sustenance to help our wildlife.

Want to know more about Trees that Count?  Take a look at their website.  Alternatively view our Corporate Social Responsibility webpage. | 0800 237 422 |

About the author

Veronica Aris

Veronica Aris

Veronica has more than 20 years in senior management roles, leading marketing and sales strategies that include primary care consumables, pharmaceuticals, natural health care supplements, consumer and safety products within B2B and B2C.

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