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Sharing global news, exciting updates about Berica and insights into the Food & Beverage packing industry.

Introducing Noir… where good looks and sustainability meets innovation

We know better than most that the global food packaging industry is making great strides towards more sustainable practices. Meanwhile, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, coffee shops, food trucks, caterers, supermarkets – and the consumers who buy from these outlets ...

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A Brief History of the Cupcake

Ever wondered how that palm-sized, frosting loaded sweet treat your customers love came from?  Amazing that someone simply realised that it would be a great idea to create a portable cake, taking sweet snack-desserts to a whole new level.

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A Guide to Social Media for Bakeries & Cakeries

We are living in the digital age and we keep hearing about how social media is the “go to” to drive business and customers to your business and website.  Did you know that 79% of independent bakeries & cakeries use social media.

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The History of a Wedding Cake

With summer approaching and the start of the Wedding Season, who knew that there was so much history related to how our traditional wedding cake came into being. 

In this fun article we will take a look at the evolution of this very traditional aspect of any wedding!

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Are custom bags or plain bags best for my cellar door?

One of the questions we often get asked by customers is why we provide a customisation service. Can our customised wine bags, for example, get customers through your cellar door?

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Government Restrictions with effect from 1 July 2023

A guide to the steps to take if you currently supply single-use plastic tableware or cutlery.

This guide is being published in line with upcoming Government Restrictions which come into effect on 1 July 2023.

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Tranche 2 phase out of single-use food items

From 1 July 2023, single-use plastic product bags, plastic straws, plastic produce labels and plastic plates, bowls and cutlery will be banned or phased out in New Zealand.

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How much wood wool do I need for my hamper?

Natural Wood Wool provides a comfy and bouncy cushioned hamper protection for wine, jars and breakables. Plus its 100% natural and made from untreated timber and sustainably sourced too. But, how much do you really need to fill your hamper?

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How much cellophane do I need to wrap my hamper?

Scrunch it, crunch it and cover it with high-quality clear cellophane.  Cellophane adds the finishing touch to hampers, gifts and everything in between.  But how much do you need to wrap your hamper?

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Social media icons on orange background

Social Media Top Tips for Catering Companies

Want to know how to engage with your customers on your social media platforms? Review these top tips ..

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Disposable vs Reusable Platter Trays (Review)

When it comes to platter trays or catering trays, one question that often comes up for discussion is, “what is the best option to choose when we need to keep costs down in our business”.

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A Guide to Social Media for Catering Companies

We are living in the digital age and we keep hearing about how social media is the “go to” to drive business and customers to your business and website. Did you know that 79% of independent catering companies use social media. 

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Plastic Products Banned from 1 October 2022

Illustration showing plastic products banned from 1 October 2022 (tranche 1) and alternatives.

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Cardboard Box being taped up

The Pros and Cons of Plastic and Cardboard Packaging

When it comes to food packaging 2 main materials are often considered and compared together namely cardboard and plastic. This article is written to highlight the key differences between each material, their advantages and disadvantages and also some other key points to consider when looking at your packaging needs.

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Gold Metallic Pull Bow

What’s a Pull Bow?

Want to know what the most versatile, easy and fastest gift wrapping accessory is? Look no further. Let’s be honest at first glance the pull bow doesn’t look like much, just a few pieces of ribbon that bonded or linked together. Plus it doesn’t look like a bow – it’s flat and long.

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How do you sell your sustainability story on social?

Do you ever get the feeling you’re having the same sustainability conversation on repeat with the same group of customers and suppliers? Someone can only truly know that your small business is prioritizing the environment and social good if you tell your sustainability story.

This article shares some suggestions on how to do just that.

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Want to know how to make a bow with organza ribbon?

Working with organza ribbon is easy -who knew!  In this short article, we’ll teach you how to make quick, high-impact ribbon bows using organza ribbon.  To get ready make sure you have a pair of scissors before you start.

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Does composting happen in New Zealand?

A big talking point within the industry at the moment is how sustainable food packaging businesses need to become more commercially attractive at the consumer-facing end.

We have written previously about how consumers are incredibly discerning today about where their products come from. They want to know the story around the products. Customers have an endgame in mind. ‘What happens to my takeaway box once it leaves my home for recycling?’

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What packaging is best for my hampers?

When it comes to hamper packaging, one of the questions we often hear is what is the best design, size and value for money for me?

We agree finding the right hamper packaging is not as easy as it sounds, in-fact it can be so frustrating especially when you’ve envisioned it to be a fun and easy seamless process!

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Traditional Bows v Pull Bows (Review)

Do you ever finish a day of creating gift baskets and hampers then wonder what bows you should be using? In this article we will review the differences between a pull bow and a traditional bow.

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Cellophane v Clear Box Lids for Hampers (Review)

Stuck on whether to go with cellophane or clear box lids for hampers? This mini-guide will help!

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Compostable and Biodegradable Food Packaging (Review)

At Berica we often are asked about the differences between compostable and biodegradable food packaging. Well, the answer is very simple. In this article, you’ll discover the main differences and the reasons why it is so important.

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Trees That Count

Why plant a native tree? Because they’re good for the environment, wildlife and you!  In this article we will explore the environmental benefits of planting trees. It’s an easy way to improve our environment and help prevent further climate change and as we are all about sustainability we felt that there was a strong synergy between us and Trees That Count within New Zealand. Let us all do our part.

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Differences home v commercial composting v kerbside recycling (Review)

We often get asked about the differences between home composting and commercial composting and kerbside recycling. This got us thinking at Berica, so we have written this article for you to demystify these terms and in this article you’ll discover the “journey of food packaging” once it leaves your premises.

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Sustainable v Compostable v Recyclable (Review)

When talking with customers like you, we are often asked about the differences between sustainable, compostable and recyclable. Well, the answer is very simple. In this article, you’ll discover the key differences which will enable you to make informed decisions on what packaging to use and what you feel is the best disposing method for your customers.

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Natural Wool vs Plastic Packaging (Review)

Something we get asked often is why is natural wood wool more sustainable than scrunching up cellophane for filling and bulking up the base of my gift hampers, when you cut down trees to make wood wool?

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PFAS – What is it and why you should care?

A big talking point at the moment within the food packaging industry and by our customers and their consumers is around PFAS. This got us thinking at Berica. In our recent blog Lifting the Lid on Pizza Box Recycling (Are pizza boxes recyclable), we discussed the PFAS problem with one of the nation’s favourite takeaway treats.

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Plastic Food Packaging v Sustainable Food Packaging (Review)

We often get asked “why does sustainable and environmentally friendly food packaging costs more than plastic food packaging?” – does this sound like something you’ve been asking?

In this short article we will explain what makes sustainable food packaging cost more.

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How do I justify the extra expense for sustainable packaging?

Customers and suppliers are more discerning than ever before about where their products come from. Environmentally friendly products are more “exclusive” and “attractive” – a lifestyle choice which appeals to a more thoughtful consumer. Products which are elevated in price do carry a luxury perception with them, as do products that are packaged well – tapping into our emotions. So, this is good news. Higher prices are ok – if the product is green and good.

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How to Post a Cake

Are you wondering how cakes arrive at their destination in the best possible condition? It’s a great question, because a poorly packaged cake can be a disaster. The last thing you want is for your carefully wrapped baked goods to crumble or become stale in transit. Plus there’s no way to ensure they’ll remain upright which can lead to some tricky and sticky situations.

The maker or seller’s beautiful product arrives a sticky mess ...

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How does a Packaging Company Make Money?

This question came from a client and really got us thinking! The first thing that surprises people is how vast our industry is. According to the Packaging New Zealand website, the industry accounts for around 1.8% of the nation’s GDP revenue and powers around 53,000 jobs and almost $70bn in exports. That’s huge.

Why Berica sits so prominently in the industry is because ...

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Are pizza boxes recyclable?

Pizza holds an unusual place in the sustainable food packaging story and it’s a real talking point for us at Berica. The millions of pizza boxes produced and discarded each year for takeaway purposes are almost a footnote to the central characters of burger and hot chip containers and baking boxes.

Strange then, considering more than five billion pizzas are sold around the world each year and an estimated 350 slices are consumed each second. 

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Sustainable Takeaway Food Packaging

At Berica Packaging we’re stoked to present our new range of Neverleak Takeaway Food Containers to New Zealand cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

Our Neverleak range ensures excellent presentation for your food. The range, made from a unique paperboard, is fully home compostable, safe for use in microwaves and, as the name suggests.  At Berica we developed the Neverleak range in response to our customer's demands for more ...

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The Extraordinary History of the Hot Cross Bun

When we think of Easter fayre, our first thoughts naturally turn to chocolate eggs and… hot cross buns. Once reserved solely for Good Friday, hot cross buns are now enjoyed all year around, but this is the time of year we eat the most!

A traditional hot cross bun is a delicately spiced yeasted sweet bun, containing sultanas, raisins, or currants with a cross marked on ...

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The No. 1 Tool to Transform your Bakery Business

In an ever-changing landscape have you ever wondered the best way to identify what part of your bakery business is not working so well? 

Wanting to be in a better position to spot any challenges coming up over the horizon?  Or find out ways that your bakery can work better and as a result, be more profitable?  If so this article is for you … and we will even give you a free template to use.

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10 Top Tips to Entice Your Bakery Customers back into your Store

A big talking point with our customers recently has been around how to entice more consumers back into their stores.  So at Berica we thought it would be a good idea to put together some ideas for you to use to promote your bakery.  In this article, you’ll discover four great ideas on how to promote your bakery and six ideas to focus your promotion. 

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The Bakery Hiring Guide

We keep hearing about the “great resignation” but it’s not a new issue for small bakery owners, and attracting and keeping staff has been a long-time number one headache.  This got us thinking at Berica, so we have put together this guide to make your next hire an easy and seamless process.

In this article you will learn about the different roles your business needs to fill – and some top hiring tips to help build your team exactly how you want to.

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Why Berica isn’t a good fit for everyone

No one in business has ever done well trying to be everything to everyone. And as a buyer you never want to start trading with a company that just doesn’t fit, with the intended reason that you had in started purchasing from in the first place. – Right?

The following article is to help you understand and get an insight as to who we aren’t in a position to serve.

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How do I Write a Bakery Business Plan?

One of the questions we often hear at Berica is “how do I write a bakery business plan?”  Have you ever thought, when you come to write a plan like this you just don’t know where to start? And whenever you start looking everyone is wanting you to pay them for their advice?

In this article, we will discuss why a bakery business plan is a necessity.  We’ll walk you through every part of a business plan; from creating a basic description of your establishment to developing advertising strategies.

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Branding my cake boxes, what option is best for me?

(Reviews on Printed Cake Boxes) 

One question we often get asked when discussing cake boxes is, can I get my company logo or message printed on the packaging? When there are so many options to look at and different factors it becomes confusing for you to work out the best way to brand your cake boxes. Sound familiar? 

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