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What packaging is best for my hampers?

When it comes to hamper packaging, one of the questions we often hear is what is the best design, size and value for money for me?

We agree finding the right hamper packaging is not as easy as it sounds, in-fact it can be so frustrating especially when you’ve envisioned it to be a fun and easy seamless process!

What packaging is best for my hampers?

If this feels like you, don’t worry in this article, you’ll discover what hamper trays are best to use for show-casing your gifts and some top tips regarding the importance of both design/colour in the decision-making process and the current price points consumers are prepared to pay.

Design and Colour

Both design and colour play an important role in hampers. Firstly, we know that the importance of colour and how “hampers” have their own individual story, sometimes it is not always about what is in the hamper but the aesthetic look of it. The four most popular colour choices chosen by customers in your store/shop relates to the story that they are wanting to portray and their feelings at that time – who knew there was so much decision-making to be made!


With hampers available for every occasion throughout the year from Christmas to Birthday surprises and everything in between. There is always an occasion a hamper can be used. With the global focus on sustainability print design hampers are a useful addition to your inventory stock.


Red as we know signifies love and romance so a popular choice for Valentines Day. Brown is often seen as a solid reliable colour and is often associated with resilience and dependability. White is all about resilience, dependability, security and safety or perhaps they are wanting the more rustic French farmhouse style. Black is a stable colour used predominantly in corporates or for that classic black look for sophistication and style.

Hampers can be for both the corporate gifting market and can be very formal through to the informal “homemade/rustic” look which can appeal to a different end user market especially with the rise of care packages, don’t just think COVID but University students going away from home for the first time!

What size?

There are so many different hamper sizes to choose from the general rule of thumb is that a rectangular large hamper size (339L x 259W x 120H mm) easily fits two wine bottles and some chocolates or extra treats. Likewise an X-large hamper (450L x 310W x 156H mm) will comfortably fit 3 wine bottles or perhaps a beach towel/robe.  These type of hampers can be finished off by a clear lid, black lid or cellophane.

flare tray is useful for those occasions where you just need that extra space such as a teddy for a baby shower hamper. Finish off with some cellophane and a pull bow for that finish touch.

How do I know what size to use?

How to measure what size hamper trays you will need for your hampers. You can do this in 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Place all your comments in the corner of a room and display as you would in your hamper

Step 2: Measure out from both walls to measure the footprint (or floor area) that the hamper contents cover.

This will give you a rough guide on what size tray will be required.

Price Points for Hampers

Typically, there are three main price points for consumers

  • Under $60
  • $100 to $150
  • Over $150

Having a pricing strategy for your hamper sales is important so that you can obtain the ROI you require for your business. Remember to add in the post of time relating to packing out the hamper ready for sale and also if you are posting the cost of the shipper.

So in conclusion let your creative juices flow and have no bounds to your vivid imagination when it comes filling hamper trays with so many delicious and enticing products, Remember, the finishing touches which will delight your end user. Having items packed onto wood wool will ensure that there is no damage during transit and the finishing touches of a bow and matching organza ribbon can add that wow factor!

Want some inspiration? Take a look at our hamper selection or alternatively contact us to discuss your needs.

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About the author

Veronica Aris

Veronica Aris

Veronica has more than 20 years in senior management roles, leading marketing and sales strategies that include primary care consumables, pharmaceuticals, natural health care supplements, consumer and safety products within B2B and B2C.

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