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Berica Success Story

Grey Ridge Vineyard

Berica Success Story


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Alexandra, South Island


Paul and Sue Keast are the new owners of the former Greylands Ridge Vineyard, which they purchased in 2015.  Grey Ridge is a boutique vineyard where the couple aim to produce a limited quantity of top quality single-vineyard Pinot Noir wine each year.

With a combination of excellent terroir (soil, topography and climate) and careful viticulture (their grapes are hand-tended and hand-harvested) they consistently produce a low yield of flavour-rich fruit, which they then deliver to their wine-makers to work their magic.

Established in 2002 and 2003, the vineyard has a history of making great wines, which continues on as Paul and Sue have already achieved the Gold medal for the Air NZ Wine Awards in both 2016 and 2017, and then various silvers in 2018.


When it comes to choosing wines, the saying “judge a book by its cover” is more than accurate. The purchasing decisions can be heavily dictated by the bottle’s appearance and by its packaging.

Grey Ridge have a great product and needed takeaway wine bags to fulfil their customer’s orders at a retail level. When customers come to have a tasting, they usually buy between 2-4 bottles. Paul and Sue wanted something that was sustainable, complimented their branding, looked classy but wasn’t shinny or glitzy, and was really reliable during transport. Sue also strongly believed in supporting local. If she couldn’t find a business in Alexandra one located in the South Island would be ideal as she wanted to avoid ordering issues. Another factor was the price, though she didn’t want to compromise the quality.

Sue had looked at what other businesses were doing and had been given some supplier names but didn’t believe they were aligned with their needs. Sue did some of her own online packaging research to find something that was closer to her criteria.


When it comes to progressive wine packaging, Berica is the rock star of the industry.

Headquartered in Blenheim this Kiwi owned and operated business has worked with wine manufacturers and vineyards throughout New Zealand for over 25 years. As  the leading supply partner, Berica’s entire wine packaging range is specifically designed to simplify the complex and help create an enjoyable experience for customers while transporting their goods.

Sue Keast, Owner, says, “In our second year at Grey Ridge we opened our Cellar Door. Everything was new to us. We were, and are, passionate about what we do and offer and want our customers to feel it too. To complete the Cellar Door tasting experience we needed takeaway wine bags. We didn’t have a previous supplier and Berica was the first we tried. We started out with a smaller order to make sure the quality matched the description and pictures online…. And we weren’t disappointed. They didn’t have wrinkles or creases and more importantly, were very sturdy which gave our customers confidence. It was a one-time wonder – we’re so pleased!”


Benefit One

You will find the latest styles and trends.

Benefit Two

Fine any size, shape or quantity with a fast turnaround.

Benefit Three

Great for gift presentation with custom branding available.


At least once in your life, you’ve had to face the reality of buying a bottle of wine. Hundreds of options, various labels, bottles and prices and you’re at the centre of it all. Even with a specific budget in mind, there’s still so much to choose from.

Hence, there’s no surprise that both a label and wine bottle packaging determines the buyer’s choices.

For someone who needs to quickly choose a bottle of wine to pour at a last-minute dinner party, give as a gift or in this case takeaway after a wonderful Grey Ridge tasting, choosing a wine bag that securely transports your bottle from A to B can seal the deal.

Presentation matters - so when you're making amazing wine, like Paul and Sue, you need the packaging to match. The Team at Berica make it EASY! We provide elegant, sustainable packaging solutions that delight the eye and add value to your product.




Presentation matters so when you're making beautiful food you need the packaging to match. At Berica, we provide elegant, sustainable packaging solutions that delight the eye and add value to your amazing food.

We’ve been providing high-quality, innovative packaging for over 25 years so we’ve seen it all! Whether it's packaging for cupcakes, cakes of all sizes, quiches, catering, and more we’ve got what you need. All of our materials are either recyclable or compostable so the options are endless when it comes to strong and sturdy packaging designs. And if you’re looking for something really unique our team can create custom packaging just for you.

We’re putting ‘box’ in out-of-the-box!

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