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Berica Success Story

Poppies Martinborough Vineyard

Berica Success Story


Vineyard / Winery


Two Bottle Wine Bag


Martinborough, Wellington Region


It is the intention of Poppies Martinborough to make beautifully hand-crafted wines that simply show the character and evoke the varietal flavors and purity of expression from the land and the hands of the makers.

Poppies Martinborough draws on traditional winemaking techniques, with a deep respect for the past, ensuring the hand-crafted wine is never fashionable but always adored. When young, their wines are fresh, vibrant and pure however with time the true essence unfolds to giving more subtle, sophisticated and intriguing characters. The view is strong that they are simply caretakers of the land, from this they farm their vineyards with a minimalist approach in respecting the power Mother Nature possesses, never interfering, more allowing her strength to direct.

A personal love of the biological and organic approach to farming is preferred, although not certified within a commercial footprint they are cautious and respectful utilising science, technology and understanding the past. They live through their land for their wines.


The presence of the wine at dinners, gatherings, and parties, all around the world has made the industry powerful. Martinborough is part of the classic New Zealand Wine Trail and is home to around 30 wineries. There are different types of wines produced in Martinborough but among the favourites are rich reds, vibrant Pinot Noirs, crisp Rieslings and fragrant Chardonnays.

With each business looking for the next advantage to outdo the competition Poppies Martinborough needed to create a long-lasting impression in their customer’s minds. To develop a brand identity that would never fade they needed a packaging supplier to help fulfil this vital aspect.


Design is everything in Wine Packaging. It can be your differentiator - the reason a customer picks your bottle instead of another. To nail that key interaction, you need the right design. Whether you want to be minimal, colourful, or classic, you need a talented team to simplify the decision-making process!

Berica has over 25 years’ of experience working with vineyards and wine producers throughout New Zealand and is viewed as the premier supply partner. By using a company like Berica, you’ll get the perfect solution to upgrade your brand from plain to premium and be empowered to provide a superior consumer experience year-round.


Benefit One

Elegant, sturdy and sustainable wine bottle bags.

Benefit Two

Great products and great service guaranteed.

Benefit Three

Berica helps simplify the decision-making process.

Benefit Four

Wine bag designs are perfect for cellar door sales.


If you've been looking for beautiful, elegant and sturdy wine bottle bags Berica’s got your cover. Berica’s wine bag ranges are durable and chic which means you don’t have to settle for boring and flimsy packaging anymore. The wine bags are ideal for all standard 750ml bottles. In Poppies Martinborough’s case they have chosen the

Natural Kraft Two Bottle Diecut Handle Bag that fits 2 standard 750ml wine bottles. The easy to carry durable design adds more value and is perfect for cellar door sales.

Ailsa Malneek, Poppies Martinborough’s Office Manager, says, “As long as I have been on board with the company we have been using Berica There really has been no need to look elsewhere as I am confident we are receiving a great product and a great service. As a winery with a tasting room and cellar door sales we are happy with how Berica can supply a product that fits in with the presentation of our brand.”

“The sales team, such Tracey who is Berica’s Consumer Engagement Assistant, is one of the main reasons why we keep returning - the communication and service have been fabulous and even when we’ve changed our packaging we were provided with a simple and effective alternative. Due to the great nature of the relationship, we may also look at purchasing some additional products in the future - such as a 12 pack carton for shipping.” 




Presentation matters so when you're making beautiful food you need the packaging to match. At Berica, we provide elegant, sustainable packaging solutions that delight the eye and add value to your amazing food.

We’ve been providing high-quality, innovative packaging for over 25 years so we’ve seen it all! Whether it's packaging for cupcakes, cakes of all sizes, quiches, catering, and more we’ve got what you need. All of our materials are either recyclable or compostable so the options are endless when it comes to strong and sturdy packaging designs. And if you’re looking for something really unique our team can create custom packaging just for you.

We’re putting ‘box’ in out-of-the-box!

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