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Berica Success Story

The Weekend Baker

Berica Success Story



Baked Goods / Bakery



Multi-Purpose Bakery Box



Auckland City, Auckland



There’s nothing more enticing than the smell of freshly baked breads and savoury delights. The alluring scent of these goodies takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life and allows you to enjoy a moment of sweet reprieve. Sometimes baking comes naturally and this was the case for Paola Laysico-Ralota. In the beginning, Paola baked because it was fun and she enjoyed being in the kitchen with her husband. She loved creating things with her hands and trying out new recipes. When she truly found her passion to bake it inspired her to launch ‘The Weekend Baker’ in January 2021. Still working a full-time job The Weekend Baker offered her an escape from the day-to-day routine and enabled her to create special moments of deliciousness. This custom bakery based in Auckland specialises in selling flavourful pastries with the aim to expand into artisan bread, organic sourdoughs, and savouries.



Choosing recipes that taste great are the foundation of any bakery, but having the right packaging to compliment it can be a challenge. It was Paola’s first time venturing into this kind of business but she knew from the very beginning what she was looking for in her food box packaging. Paola wanted packaging that was sturdy, ideal for smaller bakery items, kept her baked goods fresh, and supported sustainability efforts.

Paola searched across New Zealand's most extensive selection of cake boxes and baking packaging solutions but struggled to find what she was looking for. Most of the options were not sustainably sourced, durable, or cost-effective, and contained plastics.


Once The Weekend Baker’s goodies were ready to hit the Auckland market Paola needed the right packaging to send them on their way. Struggling to find the perfect vendor, Paola's husband offered to do more online research and came across Berica Packaging.

Berica is New Zealand’s leading supplier of sustainable packaging for bakeries, supermarkets, wineries, cafes, hamper companies and more. The options were endless when it came to strong and sturdy box designs, but what really caught their eye was the Multi-Purpose Bakery Box which was ideal for small bakery items.

The natural kraft, lightweight box was quick to assemble, had a viewing window to easily showcase the products, and was designed to keep the food fresher longer. Pushing the importance of sustainability, the box is 100% recyclable in NZ and the viewing window is made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials. PET is the most environmentally friendly plastic used in packaging today. With the intent to develop and expand their baked good ranges in the future Berica’s offerings solidified their buying decision and the first order was placed the same night.



Benefit One

A supplier you can rely on to bring the
latest global trends.

Benefit Two

A partnership that works towards aligning your zero-plastic goals or philosophy.

Benefit Three

Berica helps simplify the decision-making process.


Berica is customer-focused and strives to create a phenomenal purchasing experience each and every time. It’s a challenge to master, but Berica has made it their priority over the past 25 years to put the wants and needs of their customers first.

Seeking to create greater consumer engagement through better presentation packaging The Weekend Baker benefited from Berica’s packaging in the following ways:

  • Sustainably sourced / Zero Plastic board
  • 100% Recyclable in NZ - Made from recyclable Brown Kraft
  • Viewing window to showcase product (PET windows)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flat packed to save space



Presentation matters so when you're making beautiful food you need the packaging to match. At Berica, we provide elegant, sustainable packaging solutions that delight the eye and add value to your amazing food.

We’ve been providing high-quality, innovative packaging for over 25 years so we’ve seen it all! Whether it's packaging for cupcakes, cakes of all sizes, quiches, catering, and more we’ve got what you need. All of our materials are either recyclable or compostable so the options are endless when it comes to strong and sturdy packaging designs. And if you’re looking for something really unique our team can create custom packaging just for you.

We’re putting ‘box’ in out-of-the-box!

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