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Are custom bags or plain bags best for my cellar door?

One of the questions we often get asked by customers is why we provide a customisation service. Can our customised wine bags, for example, get customers through your cellar door?

This got us thinking about the differences between branded and non-branded products. So we have put together this article to explain how customised wine bags can be a real business asset when adorning your cellar door – whether you're a winemaker, brewer, hotel, liquor store, restaurant or bistro.

In this article, you'll discover why customisation can influence purchasing and be the perfect way to attract and retain customers.

We're not going to dismiss unbranded wine bags! We sell them, and we love them. Plain bags can look clean and stylish, even convey rustic sophistication. Sometimes a clean, straightforward design is just the thing. 

However, there’s overwhelming evidence that customisation is the way to go for retailers. Approximately 63% of customers won't buy from brands that have poor personalisation, according to Smart Insights, and 71% of customers are frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences (Segment).

We know customisation in retail can create a wow factor – that's, after all, why brands do it. It increases brand engagement and loyalty, customers spend more, they come back, and they also tell people about their customisation experience.

When it comes to today's battle against online, retailers have to use every trick they can to draw in traffic. Customers now want more, and retailers must work hard to deliver on that.

That's why at Berica, we believe that our popular customised wine bags, for example, are the perfect accompaniment to your window or cellar door display.

According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24% of the time. A stunning display gets shoppers to stop, look back, and walk in. Then, it's up to the floor team to seal the deal.

You can entice customers by using customisation to highlight specific products, new arrivals, limited editions, cross-promotions and exclusive on-sale items.

Berica's customised wine bags can be used to promote, upsell or accompany a giveaway on purchases and, when displayed creatively, can be a real winner for drawing in foot traffic. And because it’s easy to change a display, it’s an intelligent way of keeping displays fresh at a low cost.

Retailers have known for centuries that vantage points and natural eyeline can showcase attractive-looking packaging to enhance a store's overall look, and customisation also enables retailers to target an audience better. From International Cabernet Sauvignon Day to an All Blacks match, you can use window displays to showcase special promotions such as cultural occasions, national holidays and sporting events.

Not only is customisation a great way to draw in customers and make them excited to shop with you, you can also analyse your customer demographic, the days and hours they frequent your store, how long they stay and the types of products they buy.

With the information you gather, you can make excellent business decisions for future growth regarding staffing levels, product placement, marketing and inventory.

The great thing about customisation is that technology has made it very cheap and easy to customise. More and more retailers are finding out why eCommerce stores, in particular, love it. And it works! Once you've found your customisation partner, you can upload your preferred artwork, check the design almost instantly and hit "order" in no time.

A good cellar door display may cost a little more money but guaranteed it will be much less than you think.

With personalised labels for wine and beer bottles all the rage, it makes sense to continue the journey with customised products, such as wine bags. Just think how many people you pass in your day. It's the best free advertising there is. It's also a repeatable benefit. The wine bag is reusable and will be a great advert time and again.

Why not trial our customised wine bags in your latest cellar door promotion and find out what branding can do for you?

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Veronica Aris

Veronica Aris

Veronica has more than 20 years in senior management roles, leading marketing and sales strategies that include primary care consumables, pharmaceuticals, natural health care supplements, consumer and safety products within B2B and B2C.

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