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Plastic Food Packaging v Sustainable Food Packaging (Review)

We often get asked “why does sustainable and environmentally friendly food packaging costs more than plastic food packaging?” – does this sound like something you’ve been asking?

In this short article we will explain what makes sustainable food packaging cost more.

Plastic Food Packaging

Plastic food packaging is a “cheap” commodity here’s why:

  • Less Labour - it involves less labour due to the very efficient process to manufacture plastics
  • Cheap Raw materials recovery - plastic can be made easily from scratch
  • Less bulky - plastic food packaging is very tightly nested which saves space in storage & for shipping

Sustainable Food Packaging

Sustainable food packaging costs more and here’s why:

  • More Labour – as sustainable food packaging like paper isn’t able to be formed into any shape, there is a more intensive production process to create a usable food packaging item
  • Raw Materials – raw materials are mainly from pulp, created from trees & sugarcane which is a longer process before it can be used as a usable material for food packaging manufacturing
  • Bulky – As sustainable food packaging is made from materials that break down or can be recycled, they require more technical structures to ensure the food contained is protected, therefore making the items bulkier to ship and store.
  • R&D – because we’re pushing boundaries with the applications of sustainable packaging and the materials used, a lot of money is used to keep developments fresh to ensure the best experiences for both the user and the consumer is upheld and enhanced.

Did you know that production costs for sustainable packaging cost around 25% more compared to traditional packaging and, if you take something like compostable food packaging.

We trust this has helped to give you a better understanding of why sustainable packaging costs more than plastic. If you’re in a position to now discuss your move to protect this beautiful planet and not sure where to start contact us here.

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About the author

Veronica Aris

Veronica Aris

Veronica has more than 20 years in senior management roles, leading marketing and sales strategies that include primary care consumables, pharmaceuticals, natural health care supplements, consumer and safety products within B2B and B2C.

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