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Sustainable Takeaway Food Packaging

At Berica Packaging we’re stoked to present our new range of Neverleak Takeaway Food Containers to New Zealand cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

Our Neverleak range ensures excellent presentation for your food. The range, made from a unique paperboard, is fully home compostable, safe for use in microwaves and, as the name suggests. At Berica we developed the Neverleak range in response to our customer's demands for more eco-friendly solutions in the New Zealand takeaway industry.

We always love to help our customers distinguish themselves from their competition by providing better presentation. The Neverleak Takeaway Containers are the latest in this continuing drive for improvement in NZ food packaging industry.

       Marcus Beatson

“The Neverleak Collection is a huge step forward for the Food Delivery services in New Zealand,” says Berica Consumer Engagement Director Marcus Beatson, “our range of takeaway food containers help to create restaurant experiences at home, and these are the first 100% plastic-free, leakproof containers offered on the New Zealand market.

Our customers are already enjoying the benefits of using the Neverleak Collection to improve their delivery service, and we encourage anyone interested in learning more to view our range and contact us for more information.

The Neverleak range of takeaway containers is the latest innovation in New Zealand food presentation and the benefits this range will give to your business are worthwhile considering, take a look for yourself,  contact one of our team to discuss your specific needs or fill in this form to receive samples.

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