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Perforated Kraft Paper, 300W mm x 425L M (expanded), Natural Kraft


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Wanting a plastic free alternative to bubble wrap and foam packaging? This recyclable and compostable perforated kraft paper when dispensed expands to a 3D honeycomb structure which provides protective surrounds for fragile and loose boxed items. Sold individually.

Product Details:

  • Protection - Each honeycomb cell provides cushioning and interlocking
  • Eliminates the need for plastic bubble wrap or bottle socks
  • No need to cut the wrap - simply tear and it will lock onto itself
  • Ideal for sending wine bottles and packaging for cakes
  • Reusable and Recyclable - enhances your sustainable story

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Please Note: These rolls are not recommended to be used without a dispenser. Using these rolls without a dispenser may result in partial expansion and reduction of protection.

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Perforated Kraft Paper, 300W mm x 425L M (expanded), Natural Kraft
$ 236.00NZD
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